About Me

Hi, I’m Eunicia Peret…

...and you’re probably wondering who am I to make such promises?

Here are a few highlights:

  • One of Country’s top Financial Mentors, Educators and Consultants

  • Helped hundreds of families escape financial dependency and experience financial freedom with the Wealth Freedom Formula

  • Designed a proven system to help other financial professionals be more sensitive towards their client’s needs

  • Nominated by other financial experts as consultant of the year for publication in the Consulting Magazine

  • 12+ years experience working with the most trusted financial services organizations

But before all that…

I grew up in one of the Eastern European countries where I experienced both Socialist and Democratic environments that made me realize… at the end of the day... NOBODY is looking out for you and your financial success!

Think about it: The system promises you success. But unless you take action, those are just empty promises. What you’re told about 401Ks, tax exposure, and the banking infrastructure can actually cause you to bleed money (whether you know it or not).

Too many people go about life blind to their financial situation and are afraid of getting burned while missing out on golden opportunities to almost instantly improve their financial situation, feel safe and secure, and build long-term wealth.

I had a nice corporate job and handsome salary, yet I had felt like I had little to show for it. Somehow, it seemed like I was living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Despite my successful professional life, my financial fears were very real. And as a mother of two, my worries about my family — and my future — stemmed from these financial fears.

Eventually, a mentor opened by eyes to the unspoken rules of money (those rules that are seemingly reserved for the 1%).

No financial advisor prior to that bothered to tailor their approach to my specific needs (fears & anxiety)...

That’s because the tricks of the trade, best practices, and under-the-radar insights are not typically shared with clients….

...most financial professionals are incentivized by how to get paid the highest commissions!

Once I realized that everyone can benefit from the knowledge, I made it a mission to help those that want to escape financial dependency once and for all.

I helped over 200 clients in my very first few months in the business - and many more hundreds since.

I am passionate about what I do because my work is not a job - it is a mission - I get an opportunity to make a difference in the life of many individuals, families and small businesses.

Ultimately, my personal experience escaping financial dependency, led me to creating the Wealth Freedom Formula.

Now, not only do I feel financially stable and secure — I know I am. I’m in total control of my finances, my financial fears are a thing of the past, and by design, my financial future is following a clear and concise plan I can count on for true long-term wealth.

Here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I’m not your typical, stuffy financial advisor (yet my team can look out for all your financial needs)

  • I take pride in being a financial coach & mentor to hundreds of personal clients (my focus is to make sure clients aren’t living in the dark - they deserve to know the truth about their money)

  • I’m a trusted resource and partner for some of the most amazing minds in the Financial advisory industry

  • I attend and present at financial conferences and executive seminars

  • I’m in professional circles with international icons like Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi & Tony Robbins

The reality is that most people would rather talk about anything but money… all that does is put their own money at risk.

It needs to be talked about more because you will never experience financial freedom if you’re not addressing it.

As a result, my clients benefit from years of intimate financial knowledge, hands-on experience, and most importantly, a tested and proven system that helps them break free of financial dependency once and for all.

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