Is your Financial advisor working for your interests?  

Join us and learn how to quantum leap your financial future by avoiding leakage.


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  • Discover why financial leakage is a major problem and how you can stop it
  • Know how to put money back into your pocket
  • Discover the 5 tried and true steps of the Wealth Freedom Formula 
  • Get the immediate next steps to quantum leap your finances forward

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Like many individuals who are thinking about their financial future, perhaps this is you:

  You describe yourself as a successful professional but you are concerned that money in retirement may not be as abundant as you’d like it to be.

  Secretly worried that you are losing money because your financial partners aren’t working together on the design and implementation of your financial plan.

  Tired of trying different strategies and not feeling like you are in control of your money, your future, your legacy.

  You may be getting financial planning support, but you are not sure if your financial planner is working towards your financial plan or theirs.

  Are ready to implement a plan that is truly customized to your specific needs and financial goals so you can stop leaving money on the table, keep more and fully enjoy life.

If you find yourself nodding, this Masterclass is for you!!!


What Past Participants Said:

With our extensive experience over 20 years working with corporate leaders and impacting the lives of hundreds of clients' financial futures, the Masterclass will HELP YOU gain…


Acquire knowledge to give your financial outlook the boost it needs so you don’t experience more of the same. 

Financial Power

Have clear goals, reduce risk and pay less in taxes so that you can stop leaving money on the table and keep more.

Customized Plan 

Gain clarity on your personalized next steps so you no longer experience money stealing mistakes.

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Hello and welcome, Eunicia here!

I want you to imagine that right now…

Your finances are fully optimized and you know your financial future is set.

You wake up every morning energized with the knowledge that you are no longer leaving money to chance (or at stake).

Your financial plan is no longer waiting on the back burner because you do not have time for it, or because financial planning is not your area of expertise.

You no longer blindly trust a generic approach that was sold to you and you have a clear idea how your money is working harder!

Yes, this is about far more than market gains.  Because true financial gains go beyond that.

Your future will look radically different because that is what the “Wealth Freedom Formula” will do for you and your financial outlook.

And you get to learn all that for FREE during the Masterclass.

About your Masterclass host, Eunicia Peret

CEO and Founder of Empowered Financial Planner

Eunicia is a seasoned executive and business owner, accomplished financial consultant, mentor and educator.  

On her own journey, she went from rebuilding her financial independence from nearly nothing to over 6 figures in less than a year using the same methodology she teaches in the Masterclass.

In addition, she has worked with and set hundreds of clients on their paths to financial independence and wealth optimization.

Eunicia is a senior contributor to Brainz Magazine and collaborates with many globally known thought leadership experts.

In her past she's worked with the world's most renowned financial organizations such as Citibank, AMEX, Aviva, SunTrust, etc.  Eunicia was also a trusted advisor to top level executives, and invested heavily in identifying leading practices when it comes to delivering value to her clients.

Eunicia is passionate about seeing true transformation in her clients' financial success stories.

She is a happy wife and proud mommy of two amazing children.  In her spare time, Eunicia enjoys spending time with family, spending time in nature and reading self development books.


Additional insights from our clients:

"I would have had no idea how to keep more (much more) by simply optimizing my taxes."

Michelle Y.

Real Estate Expert

"The EFP program 100% changed the way I look at finances."

Susan S.

Executive Women Growth Coach

"If you care about your finances, your future, your family, this program is for you."

Clay M.

Expert Copywriter

"Finally I know that I can follow a customized plan that is designed for me based on my needs and investment preferences."

Evelyn F.

MD, Chiropractic Clinic Owner

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