Exclusive On-Demand Masterclass For Multiple 6-Figure & 7-Figure Earners

What Nobody Tells You About Maximizing Your Wealth

How And Why The Wealthy Go Beyond 401(k)s, IRAs & Savings Accounts To Minimize Taxes, Maximize Growth & Fortify Their Financial Future

What You’ll Discover

  • How to protect, invest, and grow your money in practical and proven ways that benefit you and only you (not the government, banks, and financial advisors).

  • Do you want to pay your taxes now, later, or never? Uncover how your money is actually taxed—and what to do to stop paying a single cent more than you’re legally required to.

  • Pinpoint little-known pitfalls, problems, and missing pieces in your current portfolio to diversify and multiply your money, security, and peace of mind almost instantly.

  • Get a clearer understanding of your current accounts and investments, so you don’t make the same money-stealing mistakes as everybody else (even if you have a financial team or advisor, the vast majority of them are unlikely to notice or recognize these innocent mistakes until they’ve already cost you a small fortune).

  • Discover the single greatest threat to your money aside from taxation (and how to overcome it to avoid unnecessary risk and better protect you and your family).

  • Uncover the truth about common myths and misconceptions that are already affecting your financial future before it is too late (if you’re wondering if your 401 (k) IRA, SEP, and other investments will allow you to retire without worry, then this is for you).


Eunicia Peret

CEO, Empowered Financial Planner

Eunicia Peret is an award-winning financial strategist and consultant who has helped several Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola, Bank of America, and AMEX, as well as hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants keep more of what they earn, grow their finances faster, and prepare properly for the future.

As the founder of the ‘Empowered Financial Planner,’ she provides unbiased wealth management and optimization consulting to 6- and 7-figure earners, as she is intentionally not affiliated with any specific bank or institution. Eunicia serves as the Atlanta UPWARD Chapter Leader and was previously on the Board of Advisors for Women’s Initiative Networks at Ernst & Young, Booz & Company, and Deloitte.

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