Empowered Financial Planning MasterClass

financial freedom masterclass Sep 10, 2021

Everyone wants to be financially free, right? Then why are so many people working so hard and not making progress on their financial goals? I can tell you the reasons I hear from my clients all the time:

“I don’t have time.” “I’m going to fail and be worse off.” “It’s too complicated to understand.”

The reality is that way too many people procrastinate. Maybe you can relate to some of these reasons. They are afraid of failing. This is why people never get started, and they wake up, and they are 42 years old and haven’t once thought about a financial plan. 

 Four of the main reasons that people procrastinate are...

  • Abstract goals
  • Rewards that are far in the future.
  • A disconnect from our future self.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.

 The idea of the future is intimidating for so many people, leading them to ignore their financial goals. Financial planning does not have to be overwhelming or anxiety-inducing when you know what you are doing.

 Your financial goals do not have to be abstract or too far in the future. It is NEVER too late to start planning.

 Combating procrastination starts with understanding why you are procrastinating and how it prevents you from achieving your goals. Maybe you lack enthusiasm or feel like your financial independence is too far out of reach. Let me tell you that it is NOT!

 Financial independence starts with YOU being willing to take the first step. It does not have to be too complicated to understand or involve more time than you are willing to give. Financial planning takes the willingness to learn where your money is going, what leaks you have and ends with your financial freedom. 


Reserve your spot in our upcoming Empowered Financial Planning Masterclass so that you can:

  • start eliminating potential money leaks, 
  • optimize your financials and wealth creation plans, and 
  • gain a handle on life and freedom to enjoy it on your terms


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