The #1 Way to Avoid Financial Peril

finances financial Nov 20, 2020

Have you ever asked yourself how you got to where you are financially but more importantly, what you need to do to arrive at your desired financial destination?

The truth is that most people may sometimes look backwards but hardly ever are they able to ask the tough questions about how they arrived to their present situation, what were the drivers (or the impediments) that made that happen, or weather or not those same actions and reactions will take them to the promise land (or financial utopia).

Listening to The Wrong Advice… Can Be a Silent Killer For Your Financial Future

Imagine going to a foot doctor and being told that your heart is failing.  How much trust do you place in that prognosis?

It is the same when it comes to financial advice.

For example, the same guidance you may receive from your trusted Accountant who oversees looking into numbers from the past may not be suitable for what you could be doing to maximize income during your retirement years.

Unless the person giving you advice has specific expertise in what you are trying to accomplish, why would you listen to them?

Worse yet, sometimes the same individual(s) that should have made you aware of your options were silent because of how they were compensated.

So why would you continue to listen to the foot doctor telling you about your heart problems?

Shouldn’t it be time for you to expand your team of professionals to make sure your present and future financial needs are addressed?


Sadly, The Preconceived Notions Are Not Leaving You Alone Either

You grew-up thinking that to grow your money you must assume insane risks.  And because of that you may have miss-timed how and where you placed your money…

You may even be losing sleep at night not knowing what tomorrow, or the next quarter may bring.  

And there is no denying that sometimes the higher the risk, the higher the potential return.

But what if there were ways to give your money a fair chance at growth while not jumping on the roller-coaster of financial risks?

You got it, it is very much possible.

So what is standing in the way of your financial safety?  None other than your false beliefs and fear to ask for help.  

It is okay to be vulnerable, as long as it is with someone who can help you achieve your goals while listening and caring for your fears and desires.


Your Friend Is A Know It All, So Clearly You Should Listen To Him/Her (Right?)

Think again!

Just because someone has an opinion does not mean they are right.  

How many times can you think of outsiders wanting you to excel and surpass them in whatever they were doing?

Not many right?  So why start listening to those people when it comes to your finances?

Same like the foot doctor giving you a heart prognosis, except worse.  

Those individuals have no real concern for your well being… But they will want to make sure you are not positioned to have better outcomes than theirs. 

So listen carefully, take notes and ask clarifying questions from those positioned to answer them without a bias.

Is that easy?  Far from it but you will know how amazing that feels once you experience it.

Because the #1 way to avoid financial peril is having a truly trusted resource fighting for you and your financial future, not theirs.

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