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  • Reveal time saving strategies so you can make memories with your loved ones.

  • Call out and blast away your #1 'gatekeeper' keeping you from your goals.

  • I'll reveal my step-by-step process to help you map out and scale your Financial Services Business.

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If you’ve been following me for awhile, on the fence about booking your call or fearful that this is just a way to get you on the phone to sell you something you don't really want…

There is never any pressure to buy anything on these calls.

I’m here to help you get total clarity on what to focus on, steer you away from things to avoid and share our business scaling experiences...

Then if I like your energy (and you like mine) and I feel we can help you get results within the next few months, we might tell you more about our invite only Coaching Program.

Why don’t we invite everyone in?

Because my coaching isn’t right for everyone. I only want people who are primed for big results.

My vision is to make a big impact in the world by coaching people who are ready for success.

If the Action Steps and clarity you get on the call is all you need at this time, then I wish you success...

But if you feel you would benefit from a step-by-step system you can follow (plus all the support you'll ever need), then we can see if we're the right fit for each other.

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Business and Professional Sales Leader: Following the approaches that Eunicia teaches has helped me establish myself as a TRUSTED advisor and business partner.

Financial Advisor with 20+ Years in the Industry: I am realizing that I could have been so much further ahead financially if I had focused on building a business the right way. I focused too much on AUM and not enough on truly building my business.

Financial Services Executive with over 20 years in the business: the EMPOWER Formula addresses several big problems that are prevalent in the financial advisory sector and especially in large financial institutions.

Business Owner and New Financial Advisor: I was always afraid to talk about money but following this approach has made it easy to break into the industry and become a financial leader in my community.

Financial Professional: I graduated with a Finance degree and realized that without a clear system it would have been nearly impossible to provide my family with the lifestyle I always dreamed of.


  • Above you get a sense for what others are saying about our approach. We didn't pay them to share their stories.

  • Results aren't typical results. Every person and business is different. What you do with our information is entirely up to you.

  • We trust the results our clients share with us. We do not check their engagement/satisfaction scores or financials to verify that their results are 100% accurate. Please make your own decisions and don't base them on what others share.

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Eunicia O Peret

Eunicia is a top thought leader in the Business and Management Consulting field, on top of being a sought after Financial Advisory Business Coach.

Before founding the Empowered Financial Planner, she was a student of leading industry practices. Eunicia leveraged this system to go from no income to 6 figures in less than 6 months working with clients and building a practice team.

Eunicia used to consult for some of the largest and most renowned companies in the world.

Imagine the income and impact you can make when you scale your own business!


Eunicia has inspired thousands of business owners and executives (in nearly every niche) to get scale and optimize their businesses. Are you next?

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